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Name Price Size Description
Cameo $15.00 M great edging plant or rock garden specimen
Candy Dish $21.00 M Great plant with good substance, dark green color and lots of ruffles on a broad leaf held by purple petioles. Leaves have a glass-like sheen.
Captain Kirk $18.00 M A stand out hosta that has thick leaves of golden yellow, with a contrasting wide, streaky border of deep green.
Change of Heart $15.00 S sport of 'Cheatin Heart', has small heart shaped variegated leaves, a green center with a wide edge.
Cheatin Heart $10.00 Mini Heart - shaped gold leaves have a wavy margin on this bright jewel, the color intensifies in some sun.
Cherish $15.00 Mini Cute, mini, a low mound of white centred, green margin foliage.
Choo Choo Train $12.00 L bright gold, heavily ripped leaves, one of the best goldleaved piecrust type
Climax $16.00 L large vase shaped mound, very noticeable
Corkscrew $18.00 S Twisted thick dark green leaves on a very special hosta.
Country Mouse $20.00 M white margined, bluish greencentered foliage, cute little leaves
Cracker Crumbs $15.00 S attractive gold foliage makes it great for a shaded rock garden or trough
Crumb Cake $19.00 Mini Neat small dense mound of wavy gold foliage. Leaves gold color, expeciallly bright in the spring. Medium to fast growth rate.
Curly Fries $18.00 Mini most unique with leaves as stiff as a board. Best grown in half day of sun, its highly ruffled narrow leaves emerge yellow, than fade to near white.
Dance with Me $12.00 M great gold centre that maintains to color throughout the season
Dancing Mouse $22.00 Mini Thick blue-green leaves have a wavy yellowish-green border that darkens to a pale green as the season progresses. The wavy border and unique color combination makes this one different from the others 'mouses'.
Dancing Queen $18.00 L An exceptional pie-crusted edge, very bright yellow that turns to a pale yellow at the end of the season.
Dark Shadows $15.00 M attractive dark green centre with a medium green margin
Devils Advocate $20.00 L Superb sport of 'Blue Angel' with the normal large blue leaves framed by a light green border. Stunning clump that will be topped with white flowers early in summer.
Devon Green $10.00 M sport of 'Halcyon' has shiny, dark green substance, great contrast to variegated hostas

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