Welcome to Lotsa Hostas where you can choose from a large selection of hardy field-grown plants for your garden.

At Lotsa Hostas, discover the diverse world of hostas. Our speciality is low, to no maintenance perennial plants. We have a wide selection of beautiful hostas, perennial plants and ornamental grasses at our family farm. My passion for hostas developed as I searched for alternatives to annuals and found these gorgeous, shade-tolerant perennials. Hostas are exquisite plants, grown primarily for their beautiful foliage. The possibilities are endless and the choices include a multiplicity of vibrant hues and textures, shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a one-stop hosta and perennial shop with unmatched selection and variety, Lotsa Hostas in the place to be!

Hours of Operation:

Closed for the Season.

On-The-Farm Experiences & Workshops:

Visitors looking for on-the-farm experiences will find plenty of opportunities at Lotsa Hostas. From in-house workshops to farm tours and on-the-farm photo shoots. Enjoy all of these and more at our family farm.

Our Classes:

1. Fun With Concrete
2. Plan & Plan
3. Papercrete

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” Take a relaxing drive out to the country, leave your stress behind, and amble through the gardens to view our beautiful collection of mature hosta plants.

Glenda Bargeman – LotsaHostas.com