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Welcome to our hosta page. We have our list of available hostas organzied below in alphabetical order.

For photos visit: www.hostalibrary.org

Name Price Size Description
Abiqua Drinking Gourd
$15.00 L deeply cupped leaves with a thick substance
Abiqua Moonbeam
$10.00 M leaf blade oblong orate with a wide gold margin
Alex Summers
$12.00 L very striking with contrast between leaf margin and centre
Allan P. McConnel $8.00 S Small dark green leaves are thinly edged in white, the dark puple flowers attract humming birds.
Allegan Fog
$14.00 M leaves white with green speckles and streaks in centre
Ambrosia $25.00 L Waxy, blue leaves with a light yellow centre, ‘Guacamole’ sport.
American Halo
$14.00 L wide greenish yellow margin, heavily corrugated, thick substance
American Sweetheart
$15.00 L Upright green leaves, with a narrow white center, leaf has good substance
Ann Kulpa $14.00 M Leaf center emerges yellow but changes to creamy white and is surrounded by a wide dark green margin.
$15.00 M sport of “Abba Dabba Do” but differs with its wider gold margin, darker green centre and thicker substance
Autumn Frost $20.00 M sport of ‘First Frost’ with extra wide margins. Blue leaves have bright yellow margins that lighten to creamy white in summer
Baby Booties
$20.00 Mini Heart shaped green leaves are irregularly edged with white. Some leaves have very narrow margins, others have wide streaky margins.
Big Daddy $15.00 L Chalky-blue leaves are rounded, cupped and puckered at maturity, compact growing habit, looks great with gold plants.
Black Hills $9.00 L great for its shiny dark green foliage, good substance
Blue Angel $14.00 VL a large stand out specimen plant
Blue Jay $15.00 S This hostas forms a small mound of intensely blue foliage that holds it waxy blue color for a long time through the season. Makes an excellent accent along the border with other samll plants.
Blue Mouse Ears $12.00 S as its named, cute tiny cupped blue leaves
Blushing Blue $25.00 M Gray-green leaves come to a point and show a lot of red on the leaves that last for weeks
Brass Ring $18.00 M attactive hosta, yellow margins jet towards the green center of each beautifully variegated leaf. Good substance.
Brentwood Blues $15.00 S A wonderful little sport of ‘Rhythm and Blues’, it has a bright white border on blue-green leaves.
Brother Stefan $22.00 L Beautiful color combination of yellow-gold leaves that are outlined by a wide medium green border, very thick substance and lots of corrugation.
Name Price Size Description
Cameo $15.00 M great edging plant or rock garden specimen
Captain Kirk $18.00 M A stand out hosta that has thick leaves of golden yellow, with a contrasting wide, streaky border of deep green.
Cheatin Heart $10.00 Mini Heart – shaped gold leaves have a wavy margin on this bright jewel, the color intensifies in some sun.
Corkscrew $19.00 S Leaves are dark green and contorted, making a small clump of upright and arching twisted shiny leaves.
Country Mouse $20.00 M white margined, bluish greencentered foliage, cute little leaves
Cracker Crumbs $15.00 S attractive gold foliage makes it great for a shaded rock garden or trough
Crumb Cake $19.00 Mini Neat small dense mound of wavy gold foliage. Leaves gold color, expeciallly bright in the spring. Medium to fast growth rate.
Curly Fries $18.00 Mini most unique with leaves as stiff as a board. Best grown in half day of sun, its highly ruffled narrow leaves emerge yellow, than fade to near white.
Dance with Me $12.00 M A wide dark green border with a golden center, that maintains its color throughout the season.
Dancing Mouse $22.00 Mini Thick blue-green leaves have a wavy yellowish-green border that darkens to a pale green as the season progresses. The wavy border and unique color combination makes this one different from the others ‘mouses’.
Dancing Queen $18.00 L An exceptional pie-crusted edge, very bright yellow that turns to a pale yellow at the end of the season.
Dark Shadows $15.00 M attractive dark green centre with a medium green margin
Deliverance $18.00 M Elongated blue-green leaves have a rippled, creamy-yellow uneven border that creates a striped effect. Nice plant with unusual appearance.
Designer Genes $20.00 M Striking yellow leaves emerge in the spring from deep wine-red shoots. Red scapes carry purple flowers.
Devils Advocate $20.00 L Superb sport of ‘Blue Angel’ with the normal large blue leaves framed by a light green border. Stunning clump that will be topped with white flowers early in summer.
Devon Green $10.00 M sport of ‘Halcyon’ has shiny, dark green substance, great contrast to variegated hostas
Name Price Size Description
Earth Angel
$18.00 L Large dinner plate sized leaves that are blue-green in color with a yellow margin.
Edge Of Night $12.00 M Dark green foliage, slightly cupped leaves.
El Nino
$18.00 M Very blue leaves surrounded by a tidy bright white border. Sport of ‘Halcyon’, leaves have good substance.
$14.00 L A large mound of blue-green leaves, heart shaped, thick textured, and heavily corrugated. Flowers are almost white, AKA – elephant ears.
Emerald Ruff Cut
$20.00 M Has nicely ruffled leaves with a gold center surrounded by an emerald green border. Good substance and a vigorous grower.
Emerald Tiara
$10.00 M Reverse sport of ‘Golden Tiara’. Fast growing dense mound of gold-centered, green margined foliage with purple flowers.
Etched Glass
$23.00 L Sport of ‘Stained Glass’, very wide, dark green border surrounds a bright yellow center. Fragrant flowers.
Eternal Flame
$15.00 S Dark green margin, with a creamy white center that stays white.
Evening Blush $25.00 M Great new blue with purple petioles and fantastic purple flowers
Eye Declare
$14.00 M nice medium sized mound with pale lavender flowers
Faithful Heart
$12.00 Mini Small, rounded, chartreuse to yellow leaves develop a medium green margin as the season progresses and form a cute and attractive mound.
Fan Dance
$15.00 M much admired for its vivid, goldcentered foliage
Fantasy Island
$15.00 S White centred leaves with a wide green margin.
Final Summation $20.00 L Beautiful sport of ‘Sum & Substance’ with a dark green edge. Good grower with a great substance.
First Blush $50.00 S Red petioles extending into the leaf blade, also with a thin red margin around the leaf. In spring the leaf between the veins will start to “blush” red from the tip of the leaf down to the base.
First Dance $23.00 M Sport of ‘Dancing Queen’, with a yellow center framed with a green ruffled border.
First Frost $14.00 M green and yellow combination very striking in the spring
First Love $25.00 L This is the reverse sport of montana ‘Aureomarginata’ and will grow into a beautiful clump of shiny, yellow-centered leaves with a green border.
First Mate
$14.00 M narrow elliptic leaves, vivid foliage colors with good substance
Fragrant Bouquet $10.00 L Large chartreuse-green leaves with a creamy-yellow edging, and very fragrant near white flowers.
Frosted Dimples
$15.00 M Blue-green leaves with an irregular yellow changing to creamy-while margin.
Frosted Mouse Ears
$20.00 S excellent for rock gardens and troughs
Frost Giant
$22.00 VL This hosta makes an upright stately clump of large pointed blue leaves with bright yellow, not cream margins.
Fruit Loop
$25.00 S Not quite a mini, this very small hosta has very bright wide white margins on cute little round leaves that are cupped and puckered. It has good substance and makes a tight, neat clump.
Funny Mouse
$22.00 Mini White border with a blue-green centered leaf. Reverse variegation of ‘Snow Mouse’.
Name Price Size Description
Ghost Spirit
$15.00 M Heart shaped with a deeply lobed base, a wonderful cultivar, due to its beautiful, misted foliage.
Golden Tiara $6.00 M Wide mound of greencentered, goldmargined foliage.
Grand Tiara
$12.00 M Dark green centre with a wide chartreuse to gold margin.
$14.00 L Leaf center becomes brighter during the season, fragrant flowers.
Guardian Angel
$18.00 L Misted white and green in the leaf center surrounded by a bluegreen margin.
Gypsy Rose
$12.00 M Wide yellow center, wide dark green margin plus a whitish line between the margin.
Halcyon $10.00 M Green one of the best, medium sized, blue leaf hosta.
Happy Dayz
$20.00 M A sport of ‘Orange Marmalade’ the leaves are thicker and the bluish-green border is wider than the parent. The leaf center is a bright yellow but fades.
Hawaiian Luau
$25.00 M Thick leaves have a yellow center with a dark green border. Believed to be a tetraploid version of ‘Pinapple Upsidedown Cake’.
Heart and Soul
$12.00 M Medium mound this is gold centered with a medium green margin.
$18.00 S Very curly, whitecentered, narrow dark green leaves, that appear in constant motion.
His Honor $20.00 VL Huge leaves that are rounded to oval shaped, slightly shiny and corrugated, medium green with a yellow turning creamy border.
Hollywood Lights $15.00 L Large dome-shaped green leaves have a striking yellow center and form a large clump topped by pale lavendar flowers.
Name Price Size Description
Ice Prancer $15.00 M beautiful mound of heavily rippled, rich bluegreen foliage
$12.00 M popular for its colorful foliage, intense variegation, and good substance
Island Breeze $20.00 M A sport of ‘Paradise Island’ with better variegation and leaf substance. Wide green margins contrast with bright yellow centers.
Ivory Coast
$15.00 L sport of ‘Sagae’ differs by its showy, creamy white wide margin
Jason and Katie
$12.00 M broadly ovate and moderately corrugated, leaf blade
Journey’s End
$18.00 L large size enhances the vivid contrast between the bright gold center and green margin
$15.00 M one of my favorites, excellent eye catcher in all gardens
June Fever
$16.00 M bright gold center with narrow bluegreen narrow margin, very noticeable
June Spirit
$19.00 M A distinctive mound of shiny leaves with wide, deep green margins and chartreuse centers that turn yellow in the summer. A sport of ‘June Fever’.
$20.00 M Tetraploid of ‘June Fever’, all the same wonderful traits as the parent but its even better. Nice thick, shiny yellow leves have a whide green border.
Name Price Size Description
Kiwi Full Monty $18.00 L sport of ‘Striptease’ gold centered leaves with a bluish green margin
Krossa Regal
$7.00 V/L huge, vaseshaped mound of rich blue foliage
Lakeside Paisley Print $22.00 S heartshaped leaves with very wide, wavy, green, margins. Narrow, creamy white markings in the center shoot out in a feathery pattern.
Lakeside Shore Master $15.00 L margin is wide 34″, turning a shiny, dark green by midsummer, leaves ovate to broadly ovate.
Leather and Lace $25.00 S Unique and beautiful, this small blue hosta has a creamy border and forms a tight pinwheel.
Lemon Frost $10.00 S Leaves are lance-shaped, slightly wavy, greenish-yellow with a creamy white margin. Good grower with purple reblooming flowers.
Lemon Lime
$6.00 M dense mound of greenish gold foliage, which brightens with more direct light
Lemon Zinger
$20.00 M Green-margined sport of the bright yellow ‘Dragon Tails’ quickly makes a clump of feathery foliage.
Let’s Twist Again
$21.00 S Wavy green leaves with a white margin. An unusal sport of ‘Patriot’. It has the appearance of ‘Wheee!’ but with a whiter border.
$18.00 L Sport of ‘Sagae’. Beautifully shaped thick green leaves have a very wide yellow border that later turns to creamy white. A show stopping specimen.
Light Everlasting
$20.00 S Wide, white margined leaves with good substance – showy.
Lime Smoothie
$15.00 M medium to dark green center, greenish, yellow margin
Love Pat $14.00 M Thick blue leaves that are quilted and become cupped with maturity.
$17.00 M slow grower, leaf center changing from creamy yellow to white
Lucky Mouse $22.00 Mini Another mouse for the house from Holland, thick blue-green leaves have a wide creamy-yellow border that eventually becomes creamy white. Thought to be very similar to ‘Mighty Mouse’.
Luna Moth $18.00 M Thick leaves and a wide border make for a very showy plant. Dark green, heart shaped leaves with wide pale borders
Name Price Size Description
Mellow Mood $24.00 S Sport from ‘Whirlwind’, the wavy leaf has a limey yellow center with a dark green border, leaves twist outward and up.
Mighty Mouse $18.00 S sport of ‘Blue Mouse Ears’, leaves have an excellent substance, great for troughs and containers.
Mildred Seaver
$10.00 M slightly wavy, slightly corrugated, leaf with creamy whitemargin
MiniSkirt $22.00 Mini Very wavy, thick, bluegreen leaves with creamy yellow margins in the spring. A sport of ‘Mighty Mouse’.
Montana Aureomarginata $18.00 L A vased shaped plant, leaves have wide irregular gold margins that hold their color all season long, with dark green centers. A striking combination.
Moonstruck $15.00 M Dense, medium sized mound of slightly cupped, white centred foliage, a good contrast between the green leaf color and margin
Munchkin Fire $18.00 Mini A vigorous grower with short and narrow leaves that hold their bright yellow color all season long.
$15.00 M This bright yellow coloration brings life to your garden, wavy heart-shaped leaves are heavily substanced, a great back drop to the lavendar flower.
$20.00 M Cascading, wedge-shped blue-green leaves with a wonderful rippled margin topped with lavendar flowers.
Night Before Christmas
$8.00 L excellent grower, for a white centered hosta
Northern Exposure
$12.00 L Thick substance, heavily corrugated leaves, blue-green center with a white creamy margin.
Name Price Size Description
Old Glory
$15.00 L dark green margin, makes an excellent specimen for the shade garden
One Man’s Treasure
$16.00 M Very shiny dark green leaves are wavy and held on beautiful red petioles, the red reaches up into the leaf and adds to the elegance.
Orange Marmalade $24.00 M A bright gold-orange centre with dark green margins, different.
$12.00 L leaf heavily corrugated, and wavy, center does not burn, tolerates sun
$14.00 L the most popular whitemargined hosta for landscaping purposes
Paul’s Glory
$15.00 L a classic hosta, makes a tremendous specimen plant in the garden
$20.00 S Beautiful very blue narrow leaves with a yellow margin making it a distinct hosta perfect for a container.
Pineapple Upsidedown Cake
$12.00 M all green in spring, changing to attractive gold center, with rippled green margin
Pixie Vamp $20.00 Mini A showy little hosta which makes a playful mound of bright green heart shaped leaves, bordered in snowy white, purple scapes and flowers make it, a stand out.
$10.00 M leaf shape makes it easy to identify, bluegreen center, dense mound habit
Praires Edge
$20.00 M Sport of ‘Prairie Fire’ with a green border, bright yellow leaves are framed with the dark border and really stand out. Beautiful plant.
Praying Hands
$14.00 M narrow leaf, cupped lengthwise, unusual and interesting hosta
Name Price Size Description
Rainbow’s End
$18.00 M striking, contrast between leaf center and narrow margin is vivid and attractive
Rainforest Sunrise $17.00 S Thr rounded, florescent, golden leaf is encircled by a dramatic dark green border, cupped and heavily puckered.
$12.00 L gold center with a chartreuse margin, leaf slightly wavy, moderately corrugated
Raspberry Sundae $25.00 M Raspberry red petioles and bud on this green leafed and white centred hosta, very striking.
Regal Splendor
$10.00 L spectacular, vaseshaped mound of bluegray centered foliage
Rhinestone Cowboy
$15.00 M Leaves are heavily rippled and of thick substance, chartreuse-centred with a creamy white margin, near white fowers.
Ripple Effect $24.00 M unique sport of ‘June’ with long , narrow, wavy, golden yellow leaves. Very narrow bluegreen margin.
Risky Business
$15.00 M differs from ‘Striptease’ in having a pure white, rather than gold, center
Rootin Tootin
$15.00 M 2″ wide greenmargin with a creamy yellow to white center
Name Price Size Description
$15.00 L its large, vaseshaped mound habit makes it the ideal background or specimen plant
Saint Elmo’s Fire $15.00 M Very impressive vase shaped mound of waxy, yellow leaves, emerges in the spring bright yellow with a white margin.
$8.00 M green foliage is arranged in a fairly upright manner
Sara’s Sensation
$20.00 M Large blue-green foliage that is heavily marked with a wide gold margin, a sport of ‘Frances Williams’.
School Mouse
$24.00 Mini A sport of ‘Church Mouse” with a clearly defined yellow margin.
$21.00 M Very long, narrow yellow leaves with tight ripples that run from the base of the petioles to the tip and have a striking green border that accentuates the rippling.
Sleeping Beauty $14.00 M a sport of ‘Halcyon’, thick pointed, frosty bluegreen leaves, superb grower.
Smiling Mouse $25.00 Mini Blue green leaves sport a nice wavy greenish border. Good grower and makes a nice specimen.
Spartan Glory
$15.00 L semiupright mound, shiny foliage, heavily corrugated, slightly cupped, thick substance
Stained Glass
$15.00 M the bright gold leaf center, outshines just about any other hosta cultivar
Stand by Me $25.00 S Unique sport of ‘June’, upright yellowish-green leaves, have a very irregular blue border with lots of streaking toward the narrow center.
Sugar and Spice
$14.00 M dark green leaf with creamy to gold margin, very shiny, tolerates sun
Sugar Plum $25.00 M Upright frostygreen leaves with rich purple petioles and bright white leaf backs.
Sum & Substance
$14.00 L Golden shiny leaves make a very large speciamen, can grow in full sun.
Sum & Subtle
$20.00 VL Sport of Sum & Substance’, yellow-gold center leaf with a thin light green margin, thick wavy leaves that can tolerate a lot of sun.
Summer Squall $19.00 M Rich blue leaves that are heavily folded.
Sunshine Glory $15.00 L Semi-upright with slightly wavy leaves, pale green leaves with creamy-white margins.
Tears of Joy $15.00 Mini Very tiny, very unique, dark green leaves that are folded and twisted. Most outstanding are the flowers, that appear yellow because you only see the yellow pollen.
Teaspoon $15.00 S Nice tight bunch of small round and cupped green leaves, look like teaspoons, a rapid grower.
The Leading Edge $12.00 L An upright mound of foliage this is heavily rippled, green centred, and greenish yellow along the margin.
$19.00 V/L sport of ‘Sum and Substance’ has gold margined leaves
Tootie Mae
$20.00 M Blue leaves with a wide yellow margin, a ‘Tokkudama Flavocircinalis’ sport.
Touch of Class
$18.00 M sport of ‘June’ has thicker foliage and a wider margin, impressive specimen
$12.00 M wide gold margin, good substance, leaf has a longer, more distinct tip
Twist of Lime
$12.00 S A tight clump of narrow chartreuse yellow foliage, edged in green and topped with purple flowers.
Twist Tie
$22.00 S Spiky twisted blue leaves that have a very good substance. This hosta has lots of personality.
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Name Price Size Description
Waterslide $22.00 M Wavy, ruffled leaves with a heavy substance. The blue, rippled leaves look like water splashing in the shade garden, and hold their blue colour well into the summer season.
Wheee! $20.00 M Comes up in the spring, with the most amazing curly and twisty shoots and then, with its leaves out, continues to curl and twist.
$9.00 M classic, thick substance, colorful foliage, great growth rate
Whiskey Sour $15.00 M Wide mound of shiny, gold leaves.
Woodland Elf $18.00 Mini A good grower that forms a tight, neat mound a couple of inches tall. Medium green leaves with a cream to white edge.
World Cup $20.00 L Very upright with gold round leaves that are extremely cupped and held horizontally.
Worldly Treasure
$15.00 M rich green color, attractive cupping, and a good growth rate
Wrinkle in Time
$22.00 S Unusual plant with upright and somewhat folded leaves, which are grey-green in color and have a yellow border.

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