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Welcome to our hosta page. We have our list of available hostas organzied below in alphabetical order.

For photos visit: www.hostalibrary.org

Name Price Size Description
Abiqua Drinking Gourd
$15.00 L deeply cupped leaves with a thick substance
Abiqua Moonbeam
$14.00 M leaf blade oblong orate with a wide gold margin
Allan P. McConnel $8.00 S Small dark green leaves are thinly edged in white, the dark puple flowers attract humming birds.
Allegan Fog
$18.00 M leaves white with green speckles and streaks in centre
Ambrosia $25.00 L Waxy, blue leaves with a light yellow centre, ‘Guacamole’ sport.
American Sweetheart
$16.00 L Upright green leaves, with a narrow white center, leaf has good substance
Ann Kulpa $18.00 M Leaf center emerges yellow but changes to creamy white and is surrounded by a wide dark green margin.
Autumn Frost $21.00 M sport of ‘First Frost’ with extra wide margins. Blue leaves have bright yellow margins that lighten to creamy white in summer
Baby Booties
$20.00 Mini Heart shaped green leaves are irregularly edged with white. Some leaves have very narrow margins, others have wide streaky margins.
Big Daddy $15.00 L Chalky-blue leaves are rounded, cupped and puckered at maturity, compact growing habit, looks great with gold plants.
Black Hills $9.00 L great for its shiny dark green foliage, good substance
Blue Angel $15.00 VL a large stand out specimen plant
Blue Cadet $10.00 M Blue-green heart shaped leaves, makes a nice tight mound with lavender flowers.
Blue Mouse Ears $15.00 S as its named, cute tiny cupped blue leaves
Brass Ring $22.00 M attactive hosta, yellow margins jet towards the green center of each beautifully variegated leaf. Good substance.
Brentwood Blues $18.00 S A wonderful little sport of ‘Rhythm and Blues’, it has a bright white border on blue-green leaves.
Brother Stefan $22.00 L Beautiful color combination of yellow-gold leaves that are outlined by a wide medium green border, very thick substance and lots of corrugation.
Name Price Size Description
Cameo $15.00 M great edging plant or rock garden specimen
Cheatin Heart $10.00 Mini Heart – shaped gold leaves have a wavy margin on this bright jewel, the color intensifies in some sun.
Christmas Candy $18.00 L A sport of ‘Night before Christmas’ with medium green, lance-shaped leaves that have a wide white center.
Corkscrew $20.00 S Leaves are dark green and contorted, making a small clump of upright and arching twisted shiny leaves.
Country Mouse $21.00 M white margined, bluish greencentered foliage, cute little leaves
Cracker Crumbs $15.00 S attractive gold foliage makes it great for a shaded rock garden or trough
Curly Fries $20.00 Mini most unique with leaves as stiff as a board. Best grown in half day of sun, its highly ruffled narrow leaves emerge yellow, than fade to near white.
Dancing Mouse $22.00 Mini Thick blue-green leaves have a wavy yellowish-green border that darkens to a pale green as the season progresses. The wavy border and unique color combination makes this one different from the others ‘mouses’.
Dancing Queen $20.00 L An exceptional pie-crusted edge, very bright yellow that turns to a pale yellow at the end of the season.
Dark Shadows $20.00 M attractive dark green centre with a medium green margin
Deliverance $20.00 M Elongated blue-green leaves have a rippled, creamy-yellow uneven border that creates a striped effect. Nice plant with unusual appearance.
Designer Genes $20.00 M Striking yellow leaves emerge in the spring from deep wine-red shoots. Red scapes carry purple flowers.
Devon Green $12.00 M sport of ‘Halcyon’ has shiny, dark green substance, great contrast to variegated hostas
Name Price Size Description
Earth Angel
$18.00 L Large dinner plate sized leaves that are blue-green in color with a yellow margin.
Edge Of Night $12.00 M Dark green foliage, slightly cupped leaves.
El Nino
$18.00 M Very blue leaves surrounded by a tidy bright white border. Sport of ‘Halcyon’, leaves have good substance.
$15.00 L A large mound of blue-green leaves, heart shaped, thick textured, and heavily corrugated. Flowers are almost white, AKA – elephant ears.
Empress Wu
$21.00 G The largest hosta that we know. The huge dark green leaves have deeply impressed veins and great substance.
Etched Glass
$25.00 L Sport of ‘Stained Glass’, very wide, dark green border surrounds a bright yellow center. Fragrant flowers.
Eternal Flame
$18.00 S Dark green margin, with a creamy white center that stays white.
Eye Declare
$18.00 M nice medium sized mound with pale lavender flowers
Fantasy Island
$20.00 S White centred leaves with a wide green margin.
Final Summation $22.00 L Beautiful sport of ‘Sum & Substance’ with a dark green edge. Good grower with a great substance.
Fire Island $21.00 M Brillant yellow leaves emerge on red petioles in spring. Red extends from the tetiole up into the leaves. Foliage darkens to chartreuse in the summer.
First Blush $45.00 S Red petioles extending into the leaf blade, also with a thin red margin around the leaf. In spring the leaf between the veins will start to “blush” red from the tip of the leaf down to the base.
First Dance $23.00 M Sport of ‘Dancing Queen’, with a yellow center framed with a green ruffled border.
First Frost $18.00 M green and yellow combination very striking in the spring
First Mate
$14.00 M narrow elliptic leaves, vivid foliage colors with good substance
Fort Aureomarginata $12.00 L Forms an attractive dense mound of broad, heart shaped mid-green leaves with a gold border.
Fragrant Bouquet $15.00 L Large chartreuse-green leaves with a creamy-yellow edging, and very fragrant near white flowers.
Frost Giant
$22.00 VL This hosta makes an upright stately clump of large pointed blue leaves with bright yellow, not cream margins.
Frozen Margarita
$23.00 L Bright light green/yellow leaves with a white border which holds its color all season.
Funny Mouse
$22.00 Mini White border with a blue-green centered leaf. Reverse variegation of ‘Snow Mouse’.
Name Price Size Description
Ghost Spirit
$18.00 M Heart shaped with a deeply lobed base, a wonderful cultivar, due to its beautiful, misted foliage.
Golden Tiara $6.00 M Wide mound of greencentered, goldmargined foliage.
Grand Tiara
$15.00 M Dark green centre with a wide chartreuse to gold margin.
$16.00 L Leaf center becomes brighter during the season, fragrant flowers.
Guardian Angel
$22.00 L Misted white and green in the leaf center surrounded by a bluegreen margin.
Gypsy Rose
$12.00 M Wide yellow center, wide dark green margin plus a whitish line between the margin.
Halcyon $12.00 M Green one of the best, medium sized, blue leaf hosta.
Happy Dayz
$20.00 M A sport of ‘Orange Marmalade’ the leaves are thicker and the bluish-green border is wider than the parent. The leaf center is a bright yellow but fades.
Hawaiian Luau
$25.00 M Thick leaves have a yellow center with a dark green border. Believed to be a tetraploid version of ‘Pinapple Upsidedown Cake’.
Heart and Soul
$12.00 M Medium mound this is gold centered with a medium green margin.
Heavenly Tiara
$16.00 S Light green leaves with a wide yellow border that turns white later in the season. A sport of ‘Grand Tiara’.
$20.00 S Very curly, whitecentered, narrow dark green leaves, that appear in constant motion.
His Honor $20.00 VL Huge leaves that are rounded to oval shaped, slightly shiny and corrugated, medium green with a yellow turning creamy border.
Holar Purple Flash $25.00 M This is a very striking hosta that has a purple blush in the spring on its waxy bluish green leaves.
Hollywood Lights $20.00 L Large dome-shaped green leaves have a striking yellow center and form a large clump topped by pale lavendar flowers.
Holy Mouse Ears $20.00 Mini Cream centered sport of “Royal Mouse Ears’. The same beautiful thick rounded leaves as “Blue Mouse Ears’.
Humpback Whale $20.00 G Forms a massive, dome-shaped mount of blue-green, corrugated, heart-shaped leaves. Scapes carry a near white, bell shaped flower.
Name Price Size Description
Ice Prancer $15.00 M beautiful mound of heavily rippled, rich bluegreen foliage
Imperial Palace
$20.00 L Heart shaped leaves have a yellow to cream center and a wide green margin. Grows easily into an impressive clump.
$15.00 M popular for its colorful foliage, intense variegation, and good substance
Island Breeze $21.00 M A sport of ‘Paradise Island’ with better variegation and leaf substance. Wide green margins contrast with bright yellow centers.
Jason and Katie
$12.00 M broadly ovate and moderately corrugated, leaf blade
Journey’s End
$18.00 L large size enhances the vivid contrast between the bright gold center and green margin
$18.00 M one of my favorites, excellent eye catcher in all gardens
June Fever
$19.00 M bright gold center with narrow bluegreen narrow margin, very noticeable
June Spirit
$21.00 M A distinctive mound of shiny leaves with wide, deep green margins and chartreuse centers that turn yellow in the summer. A sport of ‘June Fever’.
$21.00 M Tetraploid of ‘June Fever’, all the same wonderful traits as the parent but its even better. Nice thick, shiny yellow leves have a whide green border.
Name Price Size Description
Kiwi Full Monty $22.00 L sport of ‘Striptease’ gold centered leaves with a bluish green margin
Krossa Regal
$7.00 V/L huge, vaseshaped mound of rich blue foliage
Lakeside Baby Face $18.00 S A very attractive small hosta making a great show in your garden. The leaves are dark green centered with margins of creamy yellow to white, a dense mound.
Lakeside Iron Man $16.00 M Leaves are very shiny and smooth with a quite deep green colour. It makes a great contrast to all those variegated hostas in your garden.
Lakeside Paisley Print $22.00 S heartshaped leaves with very wide, wavy, green, margins. Narrow, creamy white markings in the center shoot out in a feathery pattern.
Lakeside Shore Master $18.00 L margin is wide 34″, turning a shiny, dark green by midsummer, leaves ovate to broadly ovate.
Lemon Frost $12.00 S Leaves are lance-shaped, slightly wavy, greenish-yellow with a creamy white margin. Good grower with purple reblooming flowers.
Lemon Lime
$6.00 M dense mound of greenish gold foliage, which brightens with more direct light
$20.00 L Sport of ‘Sagae’. Beautifully shaped thick green leaves have a very wide yellow border that later turns to creamy white. A show stopping specimen.
Light Everlasting
$20.00 S Wide, white margined leaves with good substance – showy.
Love Pat $15.00 M Thick blue leaves that are quilted and become cupped with maturity.
$20.00 M slow grower, leaf center changing from creamy yellow to white
Lucky Mouse $22.00 Mini Another mouse for the house from Holland, thick blue-green leaves have a wide creamy-yellow border that eventually becomes creamy white. Thought to be very similar to ‘Mighty Mouse’.
Luna Moth $18.00 M Thick leaves and a wide border make for a very showy plant. Dark green, heart shaped leaves with wide pale borders
Name Price Size Description
Mighty Mouse $19.00 S sport of ‘Blue Mouse Ears’, leaves have an excellent substance, great for troughs and containers.
Mildred Seaver
$10.00 M slightly wavy, slightly corrugated, leaf with creamy whitemargin
MiniSkirt $22.00 Mini Very wavy, thick, bluegreen leaves with creamy yellow margins in the spring. A sport of ‘Mighty Mouse’.
Montana Aureomarginata $20.00 L A vased shaped plant, leaves have wide irregular gold margins that hold their color all season long, with dark green centers. A striking combination.
Moonstruck $18.00 M Dense, medium sized mound of slightly cupped, white centred foliage, a good contrast between the green leaf color and margin
Munchkin Fire $20.00 Mini A vigorous grower with short and narrow leaves that hold their bright yellow color all season long.
$20.00 M Cascading, wedge-shped blue-green leaves with a wonderful rippled margin topped with lavendar flowers.
Night Before Christmas
$10.00 L excellent grower, for a white centered hosta
Name Price Size Description
Old Glory
$18.00 L dark green margin, makes an excellent specimen for the shade garden
One Last Dance
$22.00 L This sport of ‘Dancing Queen’ has dark green centers and very wide, intense yellow margins. Margins have irregular patterns creating a very feathery look.
Orange Marmalade $24.00 M A bright gold-orange centre with dark green margins, different.
$22.00 L leaf heavily corrugated, and wavy, center does not burn, tolerates sun
$15.00 L the most popular whitemargined hosta for landscaping purposes
Paul’s Glory
$17.00 L a classic hosta, makes a tremendous specimen plant in the garden
Pineapple Upsidedown Cake
$16.00 M all green in spring, changing to attractive gold center, with rippled green margin
Pixie Vamp $20.00 Mini A showy little hosta which makes a playful mound of bright green heart shaped leaves, bordered in snowy white, purple scapes and flowers make it, a stand out.
$15.00 M leaf shape makes it easy to identify, bluegreen center, dense mound habit
Plum Pudding
$29.00 M Red and purples are being hybridized into hostas, Plum Pudding has dark green leaves which are held up on purple petioles and the purple extends into the leaf blade.
Praires Edge
$20.00 M Sport of ‘Prairie Fire’ with a green border, bright yellow leaves are framed with the dark border and really stand out. Beautiful plant.
Praying Hands
$18.00 M narrow leaf, cupped lengthwise, unusual and interesting hosta
Name Price Size Description
Rainbow’s End
$19.00 M striking, contrast between leaf center and narrow margin is vivid and attractive
Rain Dancer $18.00 L A strong, upright and attractive sport of ‘Blue Umbrellas’. Blue-green leaves with a variable yellow border.
Rainforest Sunrise $20.00 S Thr rounded, florescent, golden leaf is encircled by a dramatic dark green border, cupped and heavily puckered.
$15.00 L gold center with a chartreuse margin, leaf slightly wavy, moderately corrugated
Raspberry Sundae $25.00 M Raspberry red petioles and bud on this green leafed and white centred hosta, very striking.
Regal Splendor
$12.00 L spectacular, vaseshaped mound of bluegray centered foliage
Rhinestone Cowboy
$15.00 M Leaves are heavily rippled and of thick substance, chartreuse-centred with a creamy white margin, near white fowers.
Ripple Effect $25.00 M unique sport of ‘June’ with long , narrow, wavy, golden yellow leaves. Very narrow bluegreen margin.
Rootin Tootin
$15.00 M 2″ wide greenmargin with a creamy yellow to white center
Royal Tiara
$15.00 S This small green and white centered hosta has a very unique, twisted foliage that makes it noticeable in your garden.
Ruffled Mouse Ears
$22.00 Mini A sport of ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ with rippled and frilled margins. Thick blue-green leaves form a miniature mound of ruffled foliage.
Name Price Size Description
$17.00 L its large, vaseshaped mound habit makes it the ideal background or specimen plant
Saint Elmo’s Fire $15.00 M Very impressive vase shaped mound of waxy, yellow leaves, emerges in the spring bright yellow with a white margin.
$8.00 M green foliage is arranged in a fairly upright manner
School Mouse
$24.00 Mini A sport of ‘Church Mouse” with a clearly defined yellow margin.
$20.00 L Leaves are dark green with a slightly ruffled, gold margin and a trace of white between the center and margin. A fantastic addition to your garden.
Silver Halo
$14.00 S A great border plant, green leaves with a white border.
$21.00 M Very long, narrow yellow leaves with tight ripples that run from the base of the petioles to the tip and have a striking green border that accentuates the rippling.
Sleeping Beauty $18.00 M a sport of ‘Halcyon’, thick pointed, frosty bluegreen leaves, superb grower.
Sno Cone $25.00 M The very thick, white centered leaves of Sno Cone emerge bright white, (not yellow) and never melt out.
$19.00 L Beautiful green centered hosta with deeply veined leaves and heavily rippled yellow margins.
Spartan Glory
$18.00 L semi upright mound, shiny foliage, heavily corrugated, slightly cupped, thick substance
Stained Glass
$19.00 M the bright gold leaf center, outshines just about any other hosta cultivar
Stand by Me $25.00 S Unique sport of ‘June’, upright yellowish-green leaves, have a very irregular blue border with lots of streaking toward the narrow center.
Sugar and Spice
$14.00 M dark green leaf with creamy to gold margin, very shiny, tolerates sun
Sugar Plum $25.00 M Upright frostygreen leaves with rich purple petioles and bright white leaf backs.
Sum of All
$20.00 G The leaves emerge green and slowly develop the gold margin that gets better as the season progresses. Massive, dinner size plate leaves are a great conversation piece.
Sum & Substance
$15.00 L Golden shiny leaves make a very large speciamen, can grow in full sun.
Sum & Subtle
$20.00 VL Sport of Sum & Substance’, yellow-gold center leaf with a thin light green margin, thick wavy leaves that can tolerate a lot of sun.
Sunshine Glory $15.00 L Semi-upright with slightly wavy leaves, pale green leaves with creamy-white margins.
Tears of Joy $16.00 Mini Very tiny, very unique, dark green leaves that are folded and twisted. Most outstanding are the flowers, that appear yellow because you only see the yellow pollen.
The Leading Edge $12.00 L An upright mound of foliage this is heavily rippled, green centred, and greenish yellow along the margin.
$19.00 V/L sport of ‘Sum and Substance’ has gold margined leaves
Touch of Class
$20.00 M sport of ‘June’ has thicker foliage and a wider margin, impressive specimen
$15.00 M wide gold margin, good substance, leaf has a longer, more distinct tip
Twist of Lime
$12.00 S A tight clump of narrow chartreuse yellow foliage, edged in green and topped with purple flowers.
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Name Price Size Description
Waterslide $22.00 M Wavy, ruffled leaves with a heavy substance. The blue, rippled leaves look like water splashing in the shade garden, and hold their blue colour well into the summer season.
Wheee! $20.00 M Comes up in the spring, with the most amazing curly and twisty shoots and then, with its leaves out, continues to curl and twist.
$14.00 M classic, thick substance, colorful foliage, great growth rate
Whiskey Sour $15.00 M Wide mound of shiny, gold leaves.
Woodland Elf $18.00 Mini A good grower that forms a tight, neat mound a couple of inches tall. Medium green leaves with a cream to white edge.
Worldly Treasure
$18.00 M rich green color, attractive cupping, and a good growth rate
Wrinkle in Time
$22.00 S Unusual plant with upright and somewhat folded leaves, which are grey-green in color and have a yellow border.
$24.00 G Sport of ‘Empress Wu’ with the same size also with an attractive margin. Blue-green leaves have a striking apple green edge, as well as good struture.

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